aiLotto Software - Data Disks Only Pricing List

The following prices are for the supply of csv format database files only. You must provide your own user interface and software to access the file information.

AllCats Database - contains 5,220,087 pre-filtered number combinations  $49.95

BigStats Database - contains 4,014,084 pre-filtered number combinations  $49.95

Stats Database - contains 2,273,470 pre-filtered number combinations  $49.95

HighNos Database - contains 1,306,144 pre-filtered number combinations  $49.95

All Four Databases combined - $99.95

For the past history of the databases performance compared to Lotto649, BC49, Western649, Ontario49, Quebec49 and Atlantic49 actual winning numbers click on the database hyperlink above. All exact 6 match winning numbers contained in the AllCats Database are matched with each draw date. Analysis will show the AllCats Database has the same probability distribution as the entire number combinations of 13,983,816 for Lotto 649 lotto games.

All pricing is based on country of origin. So if you live in Canada the price is in Canadian dollars. If you live in the United States the price is in U.S. dollars. If you live in the United Kingdom the price is in Pound Sterling. If you live in Europe the price is in Euro dollars. For all other countries the price will be based on Euro dollars.

A shipping and handling fee of $10.00 applies to all orders in North America. European orders have a $15.00 shipping and handling fee. All other International orders have a $20.00 shipping and handling fee. Shipping and handling fees again are priced according to your country of residence with the same terms stated above.

All payments must be made through PayPal. You may click on the PayPal logo or send an email to for the email address to be used when ordering our software products.

Upon receipt of your order an email will be sent to you with the licensing agreement that shall apply to the use of the data disk databases. The data disk databases are not for commercial use and such usage will result in immediate termination of the licensing agreement.

Canadian orders are inclusive of the GST for the present time.