aiLotto Software - Software & Data Disks Pricing List

Microsoft Office Already Installed?

For users having Microsoft Office and Access in particular already installed we have very affordable software and data disk options available. We would recommend a purchase of the Access mde database at $29.95 which comes with the Stats Database already installed. This package also includes the base modules that allow for your own filtering of either your own picks or the Stats database number options. If you wish to upgrade the mde package to one of the other databases the following prices apply.

Base Stats Database mde package -  2,273,470 pre-filtered number combinations  $49.95

BigStats Database mde upgrade -  4,014,084 pre-filtered number combinations  +$24.95

AllCats Database mde upgrade -  5,220,087 pre-filtered number combinations  +$24.95

All Three Databases combined mde upgrade - $74.95

The mde package will have the Office 97, Office 2000 and Office XP mde versions included. We do this to make sure the software will work on your system. All Microsoft licensing agreements will apply and we do not support Microsoft office just our software.

All pricing is based on country of origin. So if you live in Canada the price is in Canadian dollars. If you live in the United States the price is in U.S. dollars. If you live in the United Kingdom the price is in Pound Sterling. If you live in Europe the price is in Euro dollars. For all other countries the price will be based on Euro dollars.

A shipping and handling fee of $10.00 applies to all orders in North America. European orders have a $15.00 shipping and handling fee. All other International orders have a $20.00 shipping and handling fee. Shipping and handling fees again are priced according to your country of residence with the same terms stated above.

All payments must be made through PayPal. You may click on the PayPal logo or send an email to for the email address to be used when ordering our software products.

Upon receipt of your order an email will be sent to you with the licensing agreement that shall apply to the use of the data disk databases. The data disk databases are not for commercial use and such usage will result in immediate termination of the licensing agreement.

Canadian orders are inclusive of the GST for the present time.

Software Only - Microsoft Options

We also have standalone programs currently based on the Office97 standard available that are compatible with Office2000 and certain OfficeXP installations. Depending on which service pack you have installed will depend on which version will work on your computer. The pricing for these packages are posted on the previous page. A link to the standalone software products is placed below:

aiLotto Standalone Software Packages

For those wishing to have a free software option Microsoft also produces and distributes freely an SQL Server 2005 Express Edition that could be used in conjunction with the data disks. This is the next version of MSDE and is a free, easy-to-use, lightweight, and embeddable version of SQL Server 2005. Free to download, free to redistribute, free to embed, and easy for new developers to use immediately, SQL Server Express includes powerful features such as SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services, a server-based platform for creating and delivering traditional and interactive reports, and a graphical management tool, SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express, for easily managing your database. More information on this free Microsoft option is available at this link:

 SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

Software Only - Non Microsoft Options

Currently the only other option available are the many other database access tools that can import the data disk files. Many of these exist and can be independent sourced by the user. This includes the many open source products.

mySQL is one of several databases available freely and offers a good interface in which to manipulate the data to create your own datasets from the data disks. Plenty of free software exists in support of mySQL as well. This option is really available only to those who are proficient in the use of SQL. For those interested in this option you may access the mySQL homepage with the link provided below:

mySQL Home Page

Linux Versions

At the present time there are no plans in place to replicate the current software for the LINUX operating system. We recognize that this operating system continues to grow in popularity and open source is a reality for developing software, but our experience with the various LINUX systems and belief that all software should be free makes LINUX an unattractive option. Our software is geared to novice users who wish only to use what they currently have installed and feel comfortable using what they are familiar with. While our products do require a higher level of proficiency than others currently available, this also gives the user comfortable with Microsoft products an opportunity to create their own systems. Microsoft products offer exceptional value and are widely distributed at the present time. Till this reality is no longer true our future offerings  will continue to be software development using Microsoft products.

U.S. Lottery Software Development

Recent arrests of prominent alien Online Gaming executives by U.S. authorities has halted our intended plans to further develop U.S. Lottery programs. As is often the case when dealing with U.S. Government authorities we do not wish to become subject to a test case as to whether the software aids and abets in online gambling. Our software development is legal in Canada and elsewhere. Regrettably as Microsoft and others have found defense against the U.S. Government is a difficult and costly experience. Our products are designed primarily for 649 games in the Canadian market and work well with the other 649 games worldwide. We view our products as recreational and an aid to reduce the odds for the average lotto player. We trust this will answer the many questions we have had to date on development plans for U.S. Lottery Games. We have updated our User Licensing Agreement to reflect the recent arrests and on legal advice will not be actively developing products intended for export to the United States until the whole online gambling issue has been resolved in the United States courts. We greatly appreciate our many American visitors and hope they continue to use our website. Where ever you maybe and whatever game you are playing we truly hope the next draw lands you the big one!