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System Requirements

Computer needed to use our software:

PIV 1700 or Higher

1.0 GB Ram

10 GB HD Space

Windows 98 or Above

LINUX Version is not available

Winning Numbers From Past Draws

For past draw numbers just click on the Lotto Game of your choice. All zip files are .csv format. The Canadian Lotto Draw Data contains all Canadian 649 draws and can be copied and pasted from the website into your spreadsheet.

**New Updated Winning Lotto Draw Files**

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Files For Past Draws Winning Numbers - Updated to 04/28/12

Canadian Lotto Draw Data - All Draw Results In Spreadsheet Format


Strata User Files - Requires Free Software Download


Lotto649.csv  BC49.csv  West649.csv  Ontario49.csv  Quebec649.csv  Atlantic49.csv  Super7.csv


Strata allows web users to download and manipulate data from the web. This is a powerful database tool that also can be used to manipulate data in many different database formats including MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.  To download Strata click on this link: Strata Free Software Download


General Lottery Information


Click on the following links for access to the home pages for Canadian Lottery Commissions:

Western Canada Lottery Corporation   BC Lottery Corporation   Atlantic Lottery Corporation

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation   World Wide Lottery Results


All links provided are for convenience of users and in accordance with stated legal requirements. These sites do not endorse or have a direct association with our software products.


Neural Network Predictions For Past Lotto


Lotto649 Draws - Exact 6 Winning Numbers


For comparative purposes provided below are results of a neural network engine in use since 1999.  The model produces 6 expected numbers only.


Past Lotto649 Draw Predictions


Super7 Draws - Wheeling System Example


For comparative purposes provided below are results of a neural network engine in use since 2006.  This model illustrates results that can be used in a wheeling system.


Past Super7 Draw Predictions


The previous predictions should be compared with the expected odds given for matching any of the prize structure posted for each lotto game. The odds posted by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation for any prize are provided by clicking the following link:


Posted Odds for Selected Lotteries By Western Canada Lottery Corporation



We only sell our software by mail order to non-commercial or private individuals. We accept PayPal only and charge actual shipping costs for mail orders. 


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