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Free Resources To Improve Your Chances

Coming Soon New website for lotto draws analysis launched!

To assist serious lotto players aiLotto Software has launched a new website that provides detailed analysis of past lotto draws.




Lotto Pirate Software

 Starting at $99.95


Lotto 649 Random Number Generator


To better demonstrate random number sequences you may wish to generate your own sequences of numbers for 649 Lotto draws. To access the generator click on the link provided below:


                     Lotto 649 Random Number Generator


Statistical Analysis of Past Draws


Traditional techniques used by most software vendors and suppliers of lotto information are summaries of numbers drawn in past draws. While this technique accurately portrays past results this type of analysis provides little insight for numbers drawn in upcoming draws. Often the numbers are listed in categories such as hot or not, due and the always informative odd/even ratio. Summation of all the numbers drawn, probability analysis and other multivariate statistical tools have also has been applied as a predictor for future draws. Little real success has been found however in using classical statistical tools for predicting future winning numbers.


In short, statistical analysis does not provide any useful purpose other than to describe past draws. Provided below is a link that shows the time period chosen for statistical analysis is as important in determining numbers most apt to be drawn next

as the assumption that the past is a precursor to the future.


                    Lotto 649 Time Period Analysis


For those wishing further insight into statistics and the many tools and distributions available you may find this site very useful. Free calculators are also found here.


                    Statistical Tools For Forecasting Future Events


Wheeling Systems


Smart Lotto players long ago recognized the importance of using combinations that overlap and reduce the total numbers needed to get a winning selection. Most wheeling systems attempt to optimize the selection process by using a fixed set of selected numbers to form a smaller number of combinations to chose from for each draw. This strategy theoretically provides the same chance to win as using every combination possible for the number set chosen.


Wheeling systems are effective in minimizing the total combinations needed to play but how the number set is chosen

remains the problem. Combinatorial logic offers the most promise for optimizing the number combinations chosen from a fixed number set. Professor Iliya Bluskov has developed many such systems and his book highlighted on this page is a must for players wanting to maximize their chances using a small defined number set.


A link to Professor Bluskov's website explaining wheeling systems is provided below:


                   Combinatorial Wheeling Systems Explained


Filtering Systems


Filtered number sets are simply number sets that have eliminated combinations that statistically are not expected to be

drawn 90% of the time. Filtering can use many different techniques but the ultimate goal is to reduce the total number of combinations used when playing the lottery. Wheeling systems also produce reduced number combinations but filtering is

more selective and can eliminate a greater number of combinations than would otherwise be used.


Within the LottoPirate system filtering plays a key role in reducing the total number of filtered combinations from over 5

million to under 100 depending on the number of conditions used for the filtering process. Filtering techniques produce less combinations to play than wheeling systems and offer a greater selection of combinations available to the lottery player. Modern spreadsheets have incorporated a filtering option which allows players to easily select number combinations from

large number sets. Filtering effectively allows the player to also use a predefined number set repeatedly without having to update the numbers played each draw.


The Lotto Pirate Software incorporates artificial intelligence techniques that effectively filter out those combinations that have been chosen in the past or have little likelihood of being drawn. The screen shots from the software program shows

how the filtering process works. A link to the screenshots is provided below.


                  Lotto Pirate Software Screen Shots Showing Filtering System


By using the wheeling system of Professor Bluskov and the Lotto Pirate number filtering system, the lotto player has the advantage of both worlds and a base on which to have confidence in the numbers chosen having the best odds in winning

the jackpot.


Artificial Intelligence Links and Software Sources


For an overview of all the techniques used in our software program you may wish to check out our online support area at the link below. We have placed many links and a free quick pick tool for Lotto649 draws here as well.


More Free Resources & Useful Links


aiLotto Software utilizes the latest artificial intelligence tools in the techniques used to derive an optimal number set for

each draw. The toolsets listed below seek non-linear solutions that can not be replicated by using statistical or linear

solutions found in most finite mathematical techniques. This growing area of mathematics continues to spawn new and

better techniques of mathematical analysis. Below are useful links that provide overviews of the techniques used

in our software products.


Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)

Genetic Algorithms

Neural Networks

Evidenced Based Analysis

Free Financial Spreadsheets-Applicable to Lotto Analysis as Well


The links provided above are for the personal use of all those wishing more information on this developing area of computer and mathematical science. They link to outside web sources for which we assume no responsibility for either the content or information provided. These sites also do not endorse or have a direct association with our software products.


We only sell our software by mail order to non-commercial or private individuals. We accept PayPal only & charge actual shipping on mail orders. 


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