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What Packages Are Available?

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System Requirements

Your Computer will require the following to use our software:


PIV 1700 or Higher

1.0 GB Ram

10 GB HD Space

Windows 98 or Above


LINUX Version is not available

What Packages Are Available?

Our line of Lotto Pirate Software has versions for  Lotto649 or Super7 draws. Purchasers receive either an Access database if they already have Office97 and above installed or installation disks that will self install on their computer system. The screenshots have more information on the features and utilities contained in the software.

Lotto Pirate Software

 Starting at $99.95

Effective immediately we have suspended our automated number generation modules in our software packages. Potential legal issues and possible commercial usage of the number generation modules have necessitated this change. Users now have the option of a new filtering process that can be used with their own number selections.


Our base version starts at $99.95 and is intended for those who have Microsoft Office with Access installed. The intermediate version retails for $279.95 and self installs. The advanced version retails for $399.95 and offers an advanced filtering number selection process and import/export capabilities for your data from/to other Windows applications.

We only sell our software by mail order to non-commercial or private individuals. We accept PayPal only and charge actual shipping costs for mail orders. 


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